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The AutoCounts tab allows you to choose how you’d like AutoCounts to behave, giving you the ultimate control over your analysis. The most common wave count settings can also be configured from the Automatic Wave Counts menu.


Date Range To Analyze

The Auto Counts tab lets you choose the date range you would like to include when analyzing the price via Auto Count.


Learn more about date ranges.


Link AutoCounts

This feature allows you to run AutoCounts for more than one chart simultaneously, as long as the charts are within the same tab.


You can read more about linking.


Alts For Subwave Counts

Enable this to display alternative wave counts for subwaves. Learn more about this feature in the Wave Count Settings section. This feature is exclusively available on the Trader and Active Trader plans.


Count Bias

This feature will allow you to choose whether you prefer to run AutoCounts with an impulsive, corrective, or neutral bias. You will notice fewer diagonals if you choose “Impulsive” as your count bias.


Read more about AutoCounts.

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