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The Escape Key

The ESCape key on your keyboard can be used throughout the workspace to get you out of trouble or signify your drawing intent. You might get into trouble by accidentally clicking to start a drawing. Or, you might just change your mind after starting an operation that opens a dialog. Here are some specific situations where the ESCape key can streamline your workflow.


Canceling drawings before they are finished

If you’ve either accidentally started drawing on a chart, or simply change your mind after starting a drawing, hit the escape key to cancel the drawing operation. Any partial drawings that have been added to the chart will be removed. However, the drawing tool that you were using will remain active, so you can start the drawing again if you like.


Manually drawing partial Elliott Wave patterns

Wave drawing tools work a little differently than other drawing tools. You can use the escape key to draw part of a pattern on a chart – this feature is unique to WaveBasis. For example, you can draw waves 1 and 2 on a chart, then hit the escape key to stop drawing.

Waves 1 and 2 will remain on the chart, and then you can treat them the way you would any other waves by combining the use of any of the special wave and pattern-oriented tools. The Project pattern forward feature, for example, is especially useful in these scenarios. It’s a way to very quickly devise a wave pattern forecast on an area of the chart with a few clicks.


Disabling the active drawing tool

As described above, if you hit the escape key after you’ve already started drawing on a chart, the drawing will be canceled (or paused in the case of wave drawings). However, if a drawing is not currently active, then hitting escape will disable the drawing tool completely. This is a convenient way to get out of drawing mode if you’re finished annotating a chart.


Canceling popup dialogs

Most of the dialogs in WaveBasis can be canceled by hitting the escape key. In these scenarios, hitting escape is equivalent to clicking the Cancel button on the dialog.

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