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Tabs and Tab Layouts

The WaveBasis workspace supports multiple tabs, each of which can display a different chart layout. Each chart layout can contain a different number, arrangement, and style of charts.

There won’t be any tabs the first time you log in. Along the bottom of the workspace, in the center of your screen, you’ll see a “+” sign. Click the “+” to add a tab.



Tabs appear along the bottom of the workspace, and each tab displays some information about the contents of the tab, to help you more easily keep track of what’s on your tabs when they are not currently being displayed.


When a tab is currently selected and is being displayed, the symbol is shown in orange:




NOTE: Tabs can be reordered by drag-and-drop


NOTE: Delete a tab by clicking the ‘X’ that appears when you hover over the tab


Each tab can contain multiple symbols, so you can quickly set up a collection of symbols you are watching. Add a tab, then select a chart layout. For instance, select a four-chart layout and set each of the four to a different symbol:



You might also set up a tab with a chart layout that allows you to follow the same symbol in different chart resolutions:




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