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Alerts Manager

The Alerts Manager gadget allows you to set new price alerts as well as pause, edit, delete, or audition existing alerts. Find the Alerts Manager in either of the gadget menus as shown below.

NOTE: The Alerts Manager gadget doesn’t have to be open in order for your alerts to trigger.



When you hover your mouse cursor over one of your alerts, a menu of actions will appear giving you the following options (from left to right as shown above)…

Clicking a symbol in the list of alerts will display a chart of that symbol in the current chart.



Use this to temporarily suspend receiving notifications when the alert triggers. Click it again to resume notifications.


Play (“Audition”)

Use this to hear what your audible alert will sound like if/when it triggers. This is useful for making sure you device’s volume is set appropriately, for example.



Click this to make changes to the alert.



Click this to cancel/delete the alert permanently.


Also see Setting Alerts and Alert When Crossed in the Modifying Waves and Patterns section.




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