• April 22nd, 2024

Latest Exciting WaveBasis Updates

What You Need to Know

We’re excited to announce significant updates to WaveBasis, focused on improving performance, usability, and overall functionality. In December we announced that significant work was underway to overhaul and upgrade major aspects and components of the WaveBasis platform and infrastructure. So far, this work has resulted in a series of platform updates that have affected all aspects of the platform from the user interface to the backend data feeds. We’re listening to your feedback and this article summarizes some of the most important recent changes and how they can benefit you.

Most importantly, this work is still very much underway, and while most of the work so far has focused primarily on “under the hood” changes, we’ll soon begin shifting more of our primary focus to new features and improvements. We’ll keep you updated as we work to enhance your WaveBasis experience and your trading profitability!

Performance Improvements: Speed and Efficiency

We’ve focused on platform optimization and one of the core enhancements in the recent updates has been a significant increase in some aspects of overall performance:

  • Faster Loading Times: The platform now loads up to 10 times faster, a change achieved through optimized server performance and code refinement.
  • Faster Wave Counts: We have doubled the average speed of wave count calculations, so you can get your wave counts faster for a smoother analysis experience.
  • Lower System Load: The platform’s code and download size have been reduced by more than one-third, and it now uses less than half the memory compared to previous versions, enhancing the overall performance and stability of the platform and hogging up less of your computer’s resources.


These kinds of optimizations will continue over the upcoming series of platform updates.

Usability Enhancements: Refined User Experience

Usability has been a key focus in this update, leading to several improvements:

  • Better Mobile Compatibility: As we shift more attention to improved mobile device compatibility, there is a significant improvement in the usability of WaveBasis on tablet devices, allowing for a more robust and user-friendly experience. Smaller devices such as phones will be getting more attention as we move forward.
  • Better Support for Very Short Timeframes: The platform now provides improved support for wave counts under the 5-minute timeframe, providing more detailed and accurate analysis for intraday traders. More improvements in this area are to come!
  • More Responsive Interface: The overall user interface has been made snappier, improving interaction speed and making the platform more responsive.
  • Interface Refresh: The user interface has received a refresh, including cleaner scrollbars and layout adjustments, enhancing the visual and navigational experience, particularly in the gadget areas.

New Features: Enhanced Chart Management

Now that you can save more charts, the saved chart management system and Chart Manager gadget have been completely overhauled:

  • Add Favorites: You can now mark a saved chart as a favorite for easier management and access.
  • Add Notes: You can now add notes to saved charts for important reminders and ongoing tracking.
  • Safer Deletes: Enjoy a safer experience with confirmation prompts before deleting saved charts.
  • Quick-view Details: Double-click a saved chart in the Chart Manager to view key chart details.
  • Bulk Delete: Added convenience of deleting all saved charts for a particular symbol with one click.
  • Saved Chart Lifecycle: It’s now easier than ever to consistently manage saved charts across multiple sessions.


In addition, every platform update includes fixes for the highest-priority bugs and glitches, and this will continue to be an important part of our focus as we power through this major push to advance WaveBasis and the science of Elliott Wave analysis!

These latest updates to WaveBasis bring substantial performance and usability enhancements, alongside new features and bug fixes, all designed to improve your trading analysis and efficiency. These changes reflect our ongoing commitment to continuing to provide the most powerful and user-friendly platform available for Elliott Wave analysis.

Happy Trading!