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  • November 18th, 2018

Important Update: Counting Elliott Waves just got better and easier…again – Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part update, so you might want to first check out Part 1.

In addition to the core automatic wave count engine improvements and performance optimizations that I discussed in Part 1, this past week’s major release also included a number of stability and performance enhancements for the WaveBasis application itself. This means it’s better, stronger, and most of all, faster.

The speed gains in the application are quite significant, so the app feels much more snappy overall. This is especially true if you open many tabs or track multiple active wave counts simultaneously. WaveBasis users have been pushing the envelope with their charting workspaces, so we went to work to meet the demand. » » »

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  • November 15th, 2018

Important Update: Counting Elliott Waves just got better and easier…again – Part 1

There are software releases, and then there are software releases that push the envelope…

This past week we released our most significant update since we began to roll out the platform earlier this year. We’ve made major improvements to virtually every aspect of the WaveBasis system and released several powerful new features. Current users may have already noticed some of the new features appearing in their workspaces. » » »

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  • August 28th, 2018

Did you know? … gadgets

Based on some of the questions that we’ve been receiving, it seemed like a good idea to make note of some of the not-so-obvious features related to using gadgets in WaveBasis. So here they are… » » »

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  • August 27th, 2018

Watchlist gadget released!

As we wind down our Early Access period, we’ve been as busy as usual, and have released quite a number of recent improvements…but everybody loves new gadgets…so today’s focus is the new Watchlist gadget. With a bit of added Elliott Wave flavor, and the ability to run multiple automatic wave counts with a single click, it goes above and » » »

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  • August 6th, 2018

Alternate wave count gadget released!

We’ve been pretty busy lately, releasing a number of under-the-hood improvements to WaveBasis that users may not have noticed, but we’ve also released a powerful new gadget for displaying alternate wave counts. » » »

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  • July 30th, 2018

How to change chart symbols and resolutions the fast way!

You probably already know, as with many charting platforms, you can enter or search for a symbol/ticker in WaveBasis from the Symbol Entry area as shown below. » » »

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  • May 27th, 2018

One thing that we’ve learned from you so far

It’s no secret that most of us hate to fill out surveys. That’s why it’s surprising that so many of you took the time to answer our survey questions when you signed up to participate in our early access program. For that, we give you a big thanks.

It’s our aim to provide the best » » »

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  • April 9th, 2018

Chart Manager gadget released!

While it’s always helpful in Technical Analysis to be able to save your charting work and come back to it later, one of the unique aspects of wave analysis is the practice of tracking a wave count or » » »

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  • March 14th, 2018

Necessity is the mother of invention: Some WaveBasis Backstory

The foundation of the research that underlies WaveBasis actually dates back more than 20 years, however, it wasn’t until recent years that technology caught up to that original vision. This reignited a desire to capture the Elliott Wave approach in a fully objective and comprehensive way.

Flowing from that desire, WaveBasis » » »

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  • February 19th, 2018

We heard you! Now you can save your indicator templates

Some of you may have already noticed that a few days ago we released a spanking new version of WaveBasis. This update includes many fixes and improvements, but we’d just like to let you know about one improvement that many of you have asked for: Indicator Templates. » » »

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