• May 27th, 2018

One thing that we’ve learned from you so far

Learning from our traders

It’s no secret that most of us hate to fill out surveys. That’s why it’s surprising that so many of you took the time to answer our survey questions when you signed up to participate in our early access program. For that, we give you a big thanks.

It’s our aim to provide the best wave analysis software imaginable, and hearing what Elliott Wave enthusiasts like you want is obviously an important part of continually fulfilling that goal.

So again, thank you for letting us know what interests you.

While we’re still getting new signups (and new survey responses), some things have already become pretty obvious, so we’ll mention one of the results that has been particularly noteworthy. Of the 2 different surveys that we presented, the most overwhelming agreement centers around satisfaction (or lack thereof) with existing Elliott Wave software.

81% of you have reported that you are dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied with existing Elliott Wave software, with zero reporting that you are extremely satisfied. The remainder reports modest satisfaction. That’s quite of bit of dissatisfaction in the Elliott Wave community, and we’re working hard to fill that need.

We’re constantly looking for ways to not only improve the underlying algorithms and computational techniques of our technology, but more importantly, we’re always looking for ways to make the practice of Elliott Wave analysis more enjoyable, more efficient, and of course, more profitable.

So, we love hearing about the things that you need, and the things that you like. We’ll try not to bug you with too many surveys, but they really are a great way to help keep us focused on the right things, so that we can continue to make WaveBasis the best that it can be.

So keep speaking up, we’re listening!