• August 27th, 2018

Watchlist gadget released!

Elliott Wave-powered watchlists

As we wind down our Early Access period, we’ve been as busy as usual, and have released quite a number of recent improvements…but everybody loves new gadgets…so today’s focus is the new Watchlist gadget. With a bit of added Elliott Wave flavor, and the ability to run multiple automatic wave counts with a single click, it goes above and beyond what a typical watchlist can do.

Some of you might have already noticed it, but if you haven’t, you can find the Watchlist in the gadget menu in either of the gadget areas in the workspace.











Just choose it from one of the menus to add it to your workspace, and you’ll see something like this…



We all know what a watchlist is and what it’s for, so we won’t go into detail about that, except to note how to use the essential features:

  • Add symbols to a watchlist using the SYMBOL input box.
  • Manage multiple watchlists from the main watchlist menu (upper right corner)
  • Sort by clicking on the column headings
  • Click a symbol to display that symbol in the current chart
  • Link charts to display a symbol at multiple timeframes simultaneously


However, we do want to point out that not only will the Watchlist save you some typing to see charts for your most important markets, but by combining it with other WaveBasis features, you can quickly assess wave counts, at multiple timeframes, for a list of markets.

This touches on the last two items in the list above, and requires that:

  • You are on a tab that has a layout showing more than one chart
  • The charts are displaying different resolutions
  • 2 or more of your charts are linked (and global linking is enabled), and
  • The AutoCalc feature is active on at least one of your charts.


Once your tab is set up this way, clicking a symbol in your watchlist will kick off a multi-chart wave count analysis, providing a snapshot of a market’s wave pattern context at multiple time frames…with a single click.

See a quick demonstration of this workflow in this video:

This is a simple way to quickly gain a high level assessment of Elliott Wave context for a list of markets, perhaps with your first morning coffee, to see which ones might deserve more of your attention. And, if your plan includes it, the Alternate Wave Counts gadget can also play a powerful role in this workflow, by allowing you to inspect alternate wave counts as you work through your list.

Also, to avoid having to repeatedly link charts and enable AutoCalc before clicking a symbol in your watchlist, you can set a tab up the way you like it, and just click to that tab whenever you want to check the wave count status for your list of markets at multiple timeframes.

…it’s a watchlist with a bit of an Elliott Wave punch.

Other recent improvements

  • Enhanced detail in the Alternate Wave Counts gadget
  • Enhanced stability for linked charts…once linked, they stay linked until you unlink them
  • Improvements to workflow for custom-named saved charts
  • Remote access to customized application data. This means your saved indicator templates and saved charts (and watchlists!!) will be available on all of your devices!


That’s all for now.

Happy Trading!