• August 28th, 2018

Did you know? … gadgets

Get to know the gadgets!

Based on some of the questions that we’ve been receiving, it seemed like a good idea to make note of some of the not-so-obvious features related to using gadgets in WaveBasis. So here they are…


Did you know you can resize and rearrange gadgets in your workspace?


Yes, that’s right. All gadgets can be drag and dropped inside a gadget area to produce the arrangement that suits you best. You can grab a gadget anywhere on the face of the gadget to drag it to a new location…but take care with gadgets that you can click on or interact with directly, because your clicks will register with the gadget when you start to drag it. For those types of gadgets, it’s safer to drag using the header area where the name of the gadget appears.

Also, you resize a gadget to your taste by simply dragging using the lower right corner of the gadget.


Did you know gadget arrangements are “remembered” between WaveBasis sessions and when gadget areas are closed?


Whenever you arrange or resize gadgets in your workspace, they will reappear in the same arrangement if you close then later reopen WaveBasis. Also, you can freely open and close a gadget area, and your gadgets will be just fine.

So, once you’ve opened a gadget, you don’t need to close it (unless you’re making space for another gadget). For example, if you want to temporarily make more space for your chart(s),  you can simply close the gadget area, then open it later when you need it again.



Did you know you can get help on a gadget, right inside the app?


When you hover your mouse cursor over the title area of a gadget, a blue info icon will appear as shown above. Clicking the blue icon, then hovering the over the blue beacon that appears, will open a window describing the basics of the gadget, and some info windows contain links to additional information in our documentation site.


Did you know you can set a chart to always run a wave count when a new symbol or resolution is entered?


This one isn’t really related to gadgets, but it can be a nice time saver…

If you want automatic wave counts to be calculated all the time on a chart, simply enable “Auto Calc” for that chart by clicking the “lightning” icon in the chart header, as shown above in orange.

When Auto Calc is active, whenever you enter a new symbol or change the resolution for the chart, an automatic wave count is calculated for the chart, using the currently selected settings and date range. Hands free wave counts!


EDIT: Bonus…Did you know you can adjust the size of the gadget areas?

Almost forgot…you can adjust the size of either gadget area by dragging the bar that separates it from the chart area. Great for fine tuning your workspace!