• July 30th, 2018

How to change chart symbols and resolutions the fast way!

You probably already know, as with many charting platforms, you can enter or search for a symbol/ticker in WaveBasis from the Symbol Entry area as shown below.



You probably also know that you can select a new chart time scale (or “resolution”), again like many other charting platforms, by choosing a new time scale from the menu next to the Symbol Entry area, as shown below.



What you might not know yet is that with WaveBasis, there is a much faster and easier way to do both of these things, either separately or SIMULTANEOUSLY,  using the Quick-Entry feature!


Here’s how it works


Select any chart by clicking or scrolling anywhere on the chart…then…just start typing on your keyboard. As soon as you start typing, the Quick-Entry dialog will open and you can finish typing, then hit Enter/Return on your keyboard (or click “OK” on the dialog).



“What should I type?”, you might ask. One of the things that makes this feature particularly unique and powerful is that you can type several variations of symbol/ticker, and chart resolution to see those changes immediately reflected on the chart. For example:


Symbol/Ticker Only:

You can enter a symbol only, such as AAPL, SPY, USDJPY, etc, to see a chart for that symbol at the current resolution displayed on the chart.


Resolution Only:

You can enter a resolution only to change the resolution for the current chart. Valid resolutions are numbers such as 15, 30, 75, etc for intraday charts, or numbers with intervals, such as 2D, 1W, 3M for various types of daily, weekly and monthly charts.


Symbol and Resolution: 

This is a great workflow accelerator and is a feature we’ve never seen on another platform. You can enter any combination of symbol and resolution together to jump right to that chart all in one step. Here are some examples:

“AAPL 15” – to display a 15-minute AAPL chart

“SPY 2d” – to display a 2-day SPY chart

“GBPUSD 3M” – to display a 3-month GBPUSD chart


Note: Combination entries like the ones shown should be entered as above, with Symbol, followed by a space, then Resolution – without the surrounding quotation marks.

Also, if you change your mind, you can return to the current chart by clicking “Cancel”, or just hitting ESCape on your keyboard.


Just another way to use WaveBasis to streamline your trading and analysis workflow. Enjoy!