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The Waves tab includes settings to allow you to customize the appearance and behavior of waves that have been added to charts. These settings apply to all waves that are on a chart, whether they were calculated automatically or drawn manually.


Show Waves In One Color

By default, each wave degree of a wave count is displayed in a different color. Enable this setting if you prefer to see all waves and degrees in the same color.


Let WaveBasis Manage Wave Degree

This feature refers to the waves that you manually draw on your chart. It automatically assigns wave degrees to manual waves as you draw them in and around other waves, saving you time by speeding up your workflow.


Learn more about drawing manual waves.


Waves On All Timeframes

Enable this to display waves and patterns on all timeframes, rather than just on the chart timeframe that was active when the waves were added to the chart. Learn more about this in the Wave Count Settings section.


Protect Waves During Drawing

This feature allows you to draw technical analysis tools such as trendlines, text, and shapes on your chart without accidentally moving the waves that have already been added to the chart. When this feature is enabled, you can only move waves when you’re not using drawing tools.


Scale Font By Wave Degree

Enable this to automatically display waves at lower degrees with a smaller font.


Learn more about Wave Count Settings.

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