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Drawing Controls

The Drawing Controls are located toward the bottom of the left toolbar, and they affect all drawings on a given chart as follows…


From top to bottom:


Undo the most recent change to a chart. This applies to changes to indicator studies or drawings, including wave counts. To undo multiple previous changes, click the Undo button repeatedly, up to a total of 10 previous changes.



The opposite of Undo.


Draw continuously

By default, a drawing tool will automatically deactivate when you have finished adding a drawing to a chart. Enable the Draw continuously tool for occasions when you want to add multiple trend lines, shapes, or text, etc without having to re-enable the drawing tool after adding each drawing.

NOTE: This is also quite useful when combined with the Select Count Range tool.



By default, drawings are added to a chart exactly where you click on the chart while a drawing tool is active. Enable Magnetize when you want a drawing to “stick” to the highs and lows of the price series in the chart. This is particularly useful when you are drawing point-based drawing tools such as trend lines or Fibonacci levels, where precision and synchronization with price might be important.

When enabled, a small dot will be displayed along the price series, indicating where the next point of the active drawing tool will be placed upon your next click.

NOTE: The Magnetize control does not have any effect on wave drawings.


Hide drawings

Enabling Hide drawings will temporarily remove your drawings from the current chart, including any wave drawings or automatic wave counts. Click the button again to restore the drawings on the chart.


Clear drawings

Clicking this button will remove all drawings from the current chart, including wave drawings or automatic wave counts. This operation can be reversed by clicking the Undo button.


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