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Linking Charts

When studying two or more charts, it’s often useful to be able to link charts together so your cursor tracks synchronously in each chart. This is particularly helpful when viewing, for example, multiple charts of the same market symbol at different chart resolutions — the cursor is always positioned at the same x-y location in each chart.

NOTE: Linking charts can be particularly useful for keeping larger timeframe context in focus when performing multi-timeframe wave count analysis.


Click the Toggle Chart Linker in the top toolbar to turn on linking in your workspace. When toggled on, the Chart Linker icon is highlighted.



Once Chart Linking is enabled, clicking the link icon in on a chart’s title bar adds the chart to the group of linked charts, which causes the cursor to track synchronously in each linked chart as shown below.



Once a group of charts have been linked, to disable linking you can either toggle off linking for the entire workspace, or you can remove individual charts from the group by clicking the link icon in the chart’s title bar.


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