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Customizing Drawing Defaults

Although the appearance of all drawings on the platform can be customized, as described in the previous section, some more complex drawings also allow you to save your customizations as the default for future use. This can accelerate your workflow by preventing you from having to repeatedly make the same detailed customizations.

For example, if you prefer to monitor a specific set of Fibonacci retracement levels that are different than the platform defaults, you can easily configure the settings of the Fibonacci retracement tool to display only the Fibonacci levels that you’re most interested in. You can see this in action in the short video below.

When a customized drawing can be saved as your default, a checkbox that says “make default” will be displayed on the drawing’s settings window, as shown below.

Once you enable “make default” and save the settings, whenever you add one of those drawings to a chart, your custom settings will be used.


NOTE: Some customizable drawing tools are also included as part of the Smart Tools, and you can customize the behavior of the Smart Tools to use your default drawing settings. Learn more about this in the Wave Count Settings section.


Here’s an example of customizing a Fibonacci Retracement drawing and choosing to make our custom settings the default for future use.


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