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fits your trading style

All subscriptions start with a 14-Day Free Trial of the TRADER plan, and no credit card is required for the free trial.

Active Trader


  • 2500 Monthly Wave Counts
  • 40 Simultaneous Charts
  • 20 Workspace Tabs
  • All Smart Tools
  • Basic + Premium Gadgets
If you track many markets, or trade on fast intraday charts. Streamline your workflow, spend less time building trade theses, and confidently keep up with the wave action.
Most Popular, Best Value


  • 1000 Monthly Wave Counts
  • 20 Simultaneous Charts
  • 10 Workspace Tabs
  • All Smart Tools
  • Basic + Premium Gadgets
Perfect if you trade frequently, prioritize Elliott Wave analysis in your trading, or if you leverage the power of automatic wave counts to keep up with market movements.
Casual Trader


  • 250 Monthly Wave Counts
  • 6 Simultaneous Charts
  • 3 Workspace Tabs
  • Limited Smart Tools
  • Basic Gadgets
Power and flexibility to give you a trading edge. The best wave counts, charts, and technical analysis features, without more advanced automation features.

The WaveBasis Free Plan

WaveBasis is free to use, with limited availability of our exclusive wave analysis tools. So, if you don't do much Elliott Wave analysis, don't need to run many automatic wave counts, or just want amazing web-based charting, the free plan might be perfect for you.