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How do I change (upgrade or downgrade) my plan?

It’s easy!

You can change your subscription plan by opening your account manager window from the main menu in the top left of your workspace and selecting a plan, as illustrated below.

NOTE: Upgrades are billed immediately and on a prorated basis. You will only pay the difference between your old plan and your new plan if you’re upgrading in the middle of a billing cycle. Your billing date remains the same. Learn more about how plan changes are billed.

1. Open the account manager window from the main menu:


2. Then navigate to the Plan & Billing tab, click “Change my plan” and select your new plan.

3. If you have a coupon or promo code, enter it into the space located at the bottom left corner of the Plan & Billing tab. Click the “Apply promo code” to confirm that you’ve entered the promo code correctly and to make sure the code is valid:

4. After you’ve selected a plan and billing option, click the green “UPGRADE NOW” or “DOWNGRADE NOW” button depending on the change you wish to make, then confirm that you want to subscribe to your new plan when the popup window opens.

That’s it. You’ll upgrade or downgrade to the plan you selected and immediately have access to its features and benefits.

For more details, please visit our pricing page.

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