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How are plan changes billed?

Upgrades are billed immediately and on a prorated basis. When you upgrade, you will only pay the difference between your old plan and your new plan if you’re upgrading in the middle of a billing cycle. Your billing date will stay the same as your original subscription date. If you cancel your plan before upgrading, a billing event will be triggered, and you’ll initiate a new billing cycle.

Downgrades do not trigger billing events unless you cancel your plan before subscribing to a lower-tier plan. However, downgrades are prorated, which means you retain credit towards a lower-tier plan if you’ve paid for a higher-tier plan and downgraded before the end of your monthly/yearly billing cycle. Finally, downgrading does not reset your billing cycle, so you can expect to receive your bill at the same time as your initial higher-tier plan, provided you haven’t canceled your current plan before downgrading, as mentioned above.

Avoid canceling your current plan before upgrading/downgrading. Instead, simply change to your preferred plan while your current plan is active.

You can read more about upgrading or downgrading your subscription.

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