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When I start WaveBasis my charts and tabs are gone

Under normal circumstances, your workspace is saved automatically. So, when you open WaveBasis all of the tabs, charts, and gadgets you were viewing before you closed the app should be restored and remain intact. The platform is designed to allow you to pick up exactly where you were when you last used it.

However, please note that some browsers, firewalls, and browser extensions with advanced privacy protection features may prevent your work from being saved automatically. These kinds of tools may also affect your use of WaveBasis in general. So, if you have enhanced privacy protection enabled, disable it to experience the full power of the WaveBasis platform.

Also, since WaveBasis currently saves some of your workspace information in your browser’s file storage area, system or browser updates might affect your workspace layout.

In general, we strongly recommend using the Google Chrome browser because of its superior performance characteristics and better support of the advanced browser features that WaveBasis utilizes.

If you’re confident your device and browser settings aren’t causing the issue, please contact us via support@wavebasis.com, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

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