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How do I report a problem?

Refreshing your browser tab can often resolve intermittent issues.

If a browser refresh doesn’t do the trick, please tell us more about what you’re experiencing by letting us know exactly what is happening. For example, explanations like “When I do X, Y happens.” are extremely useful in helping to diagnose and resolve issues. Also, any additional details or screenshots that you can provide would be helpful.

The more detail about your problem you provide, the more effectively and efficiently we’ll be able to assist.

We’re always happy to provide feedback and guidance on specific charts or wave counts! To give you practical support, please feel free to share any charts that you have questions about using the chart sharing feature. We’ll reply promptly with answers to your questions and any other comments that might be relevant.

Once you’ve prepared all the essential information, you can report any problems to us by emailing support@wavebasis.com or by clicking the “How can we help?” button listed below each page in our support documentation and sending us the details of the problem via the “Contact Us” form that pops up.


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