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What is WaveBasis?

Easy-to-use tools for systematic, pro-caliber Elliott Wave analysis, without having to first become an expert…

Simply put, WaveBasis is a complete platform for analysis and automatic detection of Elliott Wave patterns in financial markets. It’s a workflow accelerator that aims to facilitate the application of traditional Wave analysis in the most natural and efficient way possible, while providing unique insights and innovative trading decision support.

The system has been designed from the ground up to put unprecedented power in the hands of both novice and experienced traders who appreciate the benefits of including Elliott Wave analysis in their arsenal of tools.

We’re reigning in the complexity (and mystery) normally associated with the Elliott Wave approach, with a combination of high-speed, intuitive tools, and a powerful pattern recognition engine, and we’re exceedingly proud and excited to introduce this technology to you through our unique new platform!

If you’re new to Elliott Waves, the WaveBasis tools will accelerate your learning, while at the same time they’ll provide immediately actionable insights – that can’t be found anywhere else – right from the first click.

If you’re already a more advanced Elliott Wave practitioner, WaveBasis will accelerate your workflow in ways you haven’t even dared to dream. You can produce complete valid wave counts in a fraction of the time that you’re used to, using a combination of our automated and manual tools (and our Smart Drawing Tools) – and without a calculator sitting next to your computer. WaveBasis anticipates your needs and speaks the same language you do.

It’s never been faster or easier to harness the power of Elliott Waves in your trading.

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