• December 17th, 2019

Automatic Wave Scanner now available!

A powerful Elliott Wave scanner

We’re extremely excited to announce the release of one of our most requested features: The Wave Scanner gadget!

Now you can automatically search for your favorite Elliott Wave trading setups on all the markets that you track. This makes it easier than ever to identify only the best potential trading opportunities for your trading style and objectives.

Let the WaveBasis platform do most of the work for you to find and present a rich collection of potential trades to evaluate.





Your favorite trade setups – Automatically scan wave setups that you choose

Watchlist integration – Conveniently select one of your watchlists to scan (or enter market symbols individually)

Next Subwaves integration – All scan setups are complete wave counts that can be inspected in the Next Subwaves gadget

Chart integration – Trade setups can be quickly highlighted on charts with one click

Advanced filters – Customize scan results to only find trade setups that meet your specific criteria

Save and re-use scans – Once you create a scan, it’s saved in your workspace so you can easily re-run it later


The Wave Scanner gadget is included with all subscription plans, with advanced premium features included in the Trader and higher plan levels. You can read more about its features here.