• December 13th, 2019

Next Subwaves gadget update

An even better Next Subwaves gadget

The popular Next Subwaves gadget has gotten a bit of a refresh. New features and new intelligence gives you more informed trading decisions.

The Next Subwaves gadget has always been a powerful way to quickly identify potential trading opportunities, but the latest refresh makes it an even more valuable part of your trading arsenal.

I addition to a minor face lift, we’ve enhanced the Next Subwaves gadget with a few new features that can help take you that much closer to your next great trade:



Now you can more easily see when to stop trusting a potential trade setup. Confidence in the probabilities is everything.


Total sync

Now, if you modify an automatic wave count you will get instant insight about what to expect the market to do based on that wave count. For more advanced users the Next Subwaves gadget also works seamlessly with manually drawn wave counts.


Intelligent Risk/Reward

Improvements to our rating algorithm means Next Subwaves highlights only the best opportunities and gives you more reliable setups.


Forecast companion

The Next Subwave gadget now includes a second tab for the Wave Count Forecast. This is a reliable companion which gives you a high level understanding of a wave count’s projections at multiple time frames.


Learn more in  the updated Next Subwaves documentation.