• January 22nd, 2018

Welcome early-access users!

Welcome to WaveBasis!

The WaveBasis team would like to extend thanks and a warm welcome to all the wave analysis professionals and enthusiasts who are participating in our early access program!

We’ve built what we believe is already the most comprehensive, accurate, and intuitive wave analysis platform ever made available to the public…and we hope that you will agree. Also, we’re still busy in our lab, hard at work building more features to not only make the wave analysis process more streamlined, but also aimed at helping you to more consistently identify the highest probability potential trade setups. In the end, increased trading profitability using wave analysis is obviously the goal.

You guys are an important part of our continuing mission. So, throughout this early access period, we hope that you feel free to reach out to us for any reason at all. If you run into a problem, or something isn’t working the way that you might expect. Or, if you have questions about the WaveBasis tools or Elliott Wave analysis in general – we want to hear from you.

We would especially like to hear any suggestions you might have for how to make WaveBasis better serve your needs. So, always feel free to contact us at support@wavebasis.com

So, thanks again, and Happy Trading!