• December 18th, 2020

2020 In Review. The hits keep coming!

It’s been a great year!

2020 has been an amazing year for WaveBasis, and we’d like to thank all of the amazing Elliott Wave traders out there who have supported us along the way. From long term investors to fast-moving day traders, your success has been our success!

WaveBasis traders are now in more than 200 countries around the world, and so far they’ve calculated more than 1.2 million automatic wave counts on the WaveBasis platform. Whew, that’s a lot of wave counts.

We’ve worked hard to keep up with these growing demands on our infrastructure, and we’ve continued to expand the capabilities of the platform. Here’s a summary of some of the great improvements we made in 2020…


Data Feeds, Data Feeds, Data Feeds



Our data infrastructure has seen some of the biggest changes this year. WaveBasis now supports more than 120 exchanges, including 5 new feeds that were just added in December!


20+ new international exchanges!

4 new Forex broker feeds, including all the most popular CFDs!

Expanded Crypto real-time streaming capacity (highly requested!)


Intraday EURONEXT – Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, and Paris!!


Now you can give some WaveBasis Elliott Wave love to many more markets, whether you trade Stocks, Forex, CFDs, Cryptos, Indexes, or Futures.

Log in to your account to see if we’ve added a data feed that you’ve been waiting for, or sign up for a free trial to check it out.



New Wave Count Features


We’re always on a quest to not only make applying Elliott Wave analysis to your favorite markets faster and more effective, but also more enjoyable. Here are some of the new features that help to do just that:


Easily move wave counts between timeframes with “Waves on all timeframes” (highly requested!)

Get the highest probability alternate wave counts for subwave counts

Easier to read wave counts with scaled wave label fonts


You can learn more about these awesome new features in the original announcement.



Workspace and Drawing Enhancements



The WaveBasis workspace is constantly being improved, as we respond to your feedback and work to give you the tools you need to become the best Elliott Wave trader you can be. Here are a few of the goodies we released this past year…


Pitchforks and Smart Pitchforks (highly requested!)

Now you can add Andrew’s, Schiff, and Modified Schiff Pitchforks to your charts, and they are also included with the Smart Tools. So your pitchforks are seamlessly integrated with your wave counts and always at your fingertips.


Save custom default settings for drawing tools

Set up your drawing tools the way you like.


Customize Fibonacci settings (highly requested!)

Now you can configure all Fibonacci-related drawing tools, including the Smart Tools.


Expanded chart linking features

A new linker menu in the top toolbar for more convenience and flexibility when linking charts together. Now you can choose to link charts by options such as symbol, timeframe, and scroll and zoom.


Vastly improved Undo / Redo

Easily undo and redo multiple layers of drawing. wave count, or indicator changes that you’ve made on your charts.


Improved Alerts

Alerts are now smarter, and they won’t trigger too many times during fast markets!


The list goes on, but maybe now you’re asking…”what’s next?

We have some incredibly exciting things in the pipeline for the coming year…

You can look forward to major workspace enhancements, new ground-breaking wave count automation features…and a new gadget that will blow your mind!

Happy Trading, and we’ll see you in 2021!