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WaveBasis Essentials: Master Elliott Wave Analysis on Any Market

WaveBasis CEO Stephen Simmons discusses the most important aspects of applying Elliott Wave analysis to any market from start to finish. He talks about grounding your mindset to that of a trader rather than a gambler. He shows several examples of establishing a long-term Elliott Wave count context, from clear textbook wave counts to more advanced market cases.

This video is a must-watch for anyone who wishes to improve their Elliott Wave Analysis skills and improve the accuracy and reliability of their market forecasts.

Stephen gives detailed real-world examples of how to use probability to compare wave counts and how to choose the right wave count. He walks through the key stages of the successful practice of Elliott Wave analysis including working from higher timeframes down to smaller time frames to find high-probability market turning points.

This video also provides valuable tips highlighting how to leverage the powerful features included in WaveBasis to align your trading with known probabilities inherent in Elliott Wave patterns. This includes how to use WaveBasis’ Smart Tools to quickly and easily identify areas of confluence, an essential Elliott Wave concept.

Updated forecasts for markets shown in previous videos are also presented including current wave counts for Silver, Gold, Ethereum (ETHUSD), Tesla (TSLA), with the new addition of USDMXN.

Get insights on these essential topics:

  • Grounding – Getting into the right mindset
  • Steps to apply Elliott Wave analysis to any market
  • How do you choose the right wave count?
  • How do you analyze multiple timeframes?


Recorded on June 12, 2024.

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